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MEET RITAH. We named this vibrant necklace after her!: Ritah Kisakye is 25, married for three years to Edward who is a pastor. He has training as an accountant but is now selling onions in the market. He also teaches at Bethel Institute part time. Ritah just graduated in Social Work and Administration but is not yet employed. She will be doing volunteer social work for the HELP school. She looks after her HIV positive mother and is seven months pregnant with her first child. As a child her grandfather paid for her schooling until he died. Ritah’s mother paid her school fees by selling greens but since greens are only in the rainy season she was on and off again at school.  Ritah made money for school herself by winning competitions by singing and dancing when she was ages 13-16. She had a white sponsor for the three years she attended the university. She has had multiple health problems since a trauma at the age of 3. She is thrilled to be expecting a baby but concerned about the birth. Ritah interprets for the women who do not speak English and is a key player in the Masese Women’s Bead Association.

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Help provide sustainable income for Ugandan women by buying their beautiful handmade jewelry. Though impoverished, there are women in Uganda who are finding creative ways to provide for themselves and their families through their art of jewelry. 100% of proceeds benefit the village of Masese, Uganda and the H.E.L.P. School. Beads made from 100% recycled paper.

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